Festival of Trees – Beyond the Season

Today’s post shows the Festival of Trees stamp set used for a general purpose card.  I used the 2014 – 2016 In colors for today and tomorrow’s post (haven’t decided on the actual Christmas representation yet), because the colors are awesome, and when you buy them as an ink and cardstock set, you get a bargain.  If you read my posts regularly, you will see I try to show ways to use your purchases for a variety of events or activities, and I hope to share the value of a well-planned purchase.  Yes, I took Dave Ramsey’s financial course, and yes, it struck a chord.  But honestly, growing up with meager means, I never was one for waste.  Don’t repeat that in my husband’s presence.  He doesn’t understand the value “I have every color they make”.


This card is all about wonderful  “you”.  I think it is apparent that this card could be for a graduation, a promotion, a job well-done,  a sports celebration, a pick-me-up, etc.  I should also say birthday, butI cover that tomorrow, with a slightly different design and sentiment.  What I don’t think is apparent, is that the stamp set used for the design is a Christmas set (Festival of Trees punch and stamp set).  And that’s the point.  I stamped three of the designs in the set, punched them with the matching punch, and then cut off the bottom portion, and they definitely look like pennants, and not trees.

Choose your target/Register your design – When you cut out designs with a punch, it is very easy to choose what you want to punch.   If you don’t know already, when you punch a stamped image, you should flip your punch over so you can see the blades, then place the image face up in the bottom of the punch, so you can see how you position the image within the blades.  You don’t push down until the image is where it looks best.  This is called registering the image, for future reference.

When I punched these particular designs, I positioned the punch so the back end of the punch was at the back end of the design I had stamped.  I knew I would be cutting off the “tree trunk”, so I wanted to make sure as much graphic part of the stamped image show, as possible.

Dress it up – I dispensed Crystal Effects on Mossy Meadow colored card stock in long narrow strips, and when it dried, I punched ¼ inch circles to make my own “ Candy Dots”.  Stampin’ Up! makes a great candy dot in a smaller size, but not in the “In Colors”, so having their ¼ punch and Crystal Effects means that any cardstock I have can turn into Candy Dots.

Simple Repetition – To keep the card from being too busy, I made the stripes of color mat match the pennant ink color.  I tried the pennants on larger mats, and spaced apart mats, but the simple and clean design just seemed better.  I think there’s enough going on with the graphic pennants.  But I always encourage my crafters to try things for themselves.


One thought on “Festival of Trees – Beyond the Season”

  1. just found your blog from the pals paper arts challenge. you have some wonderful ideas that i will be stashing away for future reference! keep the inspiration coming to my inbox!

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