Festival of Trees – It’s your birthday!

Today’s post shows the Festival of Trees stamp set used for a birthday card.  I used the 2014 – 2016 In colors again, to show how useful they are.  Because I also used the Age Awareness stamp set on this card, it really is only about birthday, but you could use another stamp set in the same way, and have it be a congratulatory card.  The pennants just make it festive.  I used the dots that are meant to be ornaments on the tree stamp, and they make for a very playful pennant design.  See my instructions from yesterday about using the punch on the stamped image, and cutting off the “tree trunk”.   To get the curved corners on the card and mat, I used the Project Life corner rounder.  I think that rounded style just looked better with the curves in the sentiment.


Sometimes fussy is ok – If I can get a punch or die to do my work, I’m all over that.  Age Awareness does not have a die, and I wanted my sentiment to stand out, so I bit the bullet and fussy cut carefully around the words.  Fussy cutting is a term crafters use for cutting something specific out of paper or fabric, and it could be a simple as a square, or as ornate as a delicate flower.   Whether you cut exactly on the lines, or leave a white(or other color) “reveal” depends on the effect you want, and it will vary, even if you are using the same image.

Make it pop – hopefully you can tell from the side view that I used stacked Dimensionals on the “happy” stamped image.  I wanted varied heights for a playful effect.  Two pennants are adhered directly to the card, two pennants and the “birthday” use a single layer of Dimensionals, and the “happy” uses a double stack of Dimensionals.  Just place your Dimensional on your piece, remove the sticker cover layer, and place another dimensional directly on top.


It’s a wrap – After I punched out the pennants, I used my Simply Scored tool to score a line ¼ inch from the wide end.  I then cut an angled piece of each side of the ¼ inch scored part, so that when I wrapped the pennant around the white Baker’s Twine, there would not be little points sticking out the side.  I needed my pennants shorter, so they would not overwhelm the sentiment, and I could have just cut ¼ inch off, but I prefer the look of the wrap.

Thanks for stopping by, and come back tomorrow to see the Christmas version of Festival of Trees.

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Yes, here it is again.   I could not decide if I liked this card better against the white or black background, so you get to see it twice.  🙂




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