Postage Due on Tumbled Tile


Now that Halloween has arrived, we’ll be heading into the party and gift giving season, and it’s nice to have things on hand for hostesses and gift giving needs.  Here is a super simple gift idea you can make with the supplies you probably already have, and one you can purchase very cheaply.  The coaster you see above is a tumbled tile from a set I picked up at Home Depot.  There are 9 tiles in the package for about $4.  These tiles used to come in a box, and I’d switch around the tiles, to make sure I got the best ones for my use, but they are now shrink wrapped.  At least you can tell if the edges are chipped off.  I bought two packages this time, to make sure I’d have enough stones I would be happy with.

Besides the tiles, you need StazOn ink, something to adhere to the bottom of the stone to protect your table (thin cork, fun foam, or felt) and an appropriate stamp.  Since you will cover the bottom of the tile, you can test designs and practice on the back.  Just realize the back is smoother, so your design won’t look quite as pristine on the front.

Postage Due really lends itself to this particular craft, because it has an aged look, just like the tile.  I inked up my stamp really well, and actually kept the stamp flat and placed the tile on it, so I could see where to center it.  Once I laid the tile down, I pressed firmly all over, and then let the tile sit at least 5 seconds, to give it a chance to absorb the ink.  Then I carefully lifted the tile and set it aside to do some more.

Once you have the tiles inked and ready to go, put them on a cookie sheet (lay down tinfoil, so you don’t scratch your bakeware) and bake them at 225 for 30 minutes.  This helps set the ink.  You do not want to put a sealer on these tiles, or you defeat the purpose of the stone.  A sealer will prevent liquids from soaking in.  Once the tile is cooled, adhere your protective backing, and tie four tiles (now coasters) together with a nice ribbon, and your gift is ready to go.


You may or may not be able to tell, but some of the tiles above have a different color of ink.  I have quite a few of the StazOn colors.  At one time, Stampin’ Up! had more than just black and white, and when I discovered the uses, I invested in as many colors as I could find.  So, I’m going to show you something you can make if you have a waterproof ink that doesn’t need to be sealed. That being said, I think many of the designs look great in just black on tile.  You can also certainly color your tile with Stampin’ Up!’s inks and make a nice picture.  The color may  hold up fine to heat as a trivet (no promises), but they will fade and possibly run when you get them wet.  That’s not what dye based inks are for.


I tried this design on the back of the tile, because I wasn’t sure I’d like the outcome (but I did!).  I used Beauty of the Season, and I stamped it with StazOn black, and then took StazOn colored inks and an old blender pen to pick up the colors from the plastic overlays that sit inside the StazOn lids and cover the pad.  Don’t use a new blender pen, because these tiles are rough, and will damage the tip.  Just be careful, and you should be able to color a lot before the pen is no longer usable.  I save all my old blender pens for purposes like this, or for glimmer paint, and other substances that won’t just wipe off.


Just to give you some more ideas…the tile above was stamped with a design I made using a Sizzix film strip die and fun foam.  I cut two pieces with the die, glued them together, and then glued them on a piece of wood so I could stamp with them.  They held the ink just fine for this project, and made a nice coordinating coaster for our media room.   This tile is at least 10 years old…and I never baked it.  I learned that trick later.

Now go make your own wonderfully personalized gifts without breaking the bank.  Thanks for stopping by and I hope you’ll come back!  To purchase anything Stampin’ Up! you have seen here, go to Stampin’ Bon.


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