Beauty of the Season


When I saw Beauty of the Season, I knew I needed to get it because the bird looked like it should be red and red is my favorite color.  What’s great about this design is it is so easy to color.  Some designs take a lot of time to figure out, but this one just takes three Blendabilities sets (or two, if you need to get by).

My photography is not great, so just trust me on what I say.  I colored around the inside edges of the bird all in the lightest Cherry Cobbler, because the first time I colored the bird, I went outside of the lines repeatedly.  And no, I won’t show you that.  It’s enough that I’m admitting to it.  So I slowed down a little, colored with the lightest marker along all the inside edges using the fine tip, and then went back to fill in the bird.  That way, I knew I didn’t need to color up to the lines when I was doing my quick coloring.


After that, I filled in the bird with the lightest color, and then colored his belly with the darkest, and added a streak or two of the darkest over the wing area, and then blended that with the medium Cherry Cobbler.  I also added a touch of the darkest Cherry to the top of his headdress.

The branches are a combination of the lightest two Crumb Cake Blendabilities, and the feet and beak are the light and medium Pumpkin.  I could not keep in the lines on the feet, so I didn’t go over that with the medium Pumpkin, as I thought I’d just make it worse.  Next time, I’ll just use the medium, and go even slower.  I said earlier you could get by with two color families, and for this, you could use crumb cake for the beak and feet, if you didn’t have Pumpkin.  One thing you cannot skip is coloring on Stampin’ Up!’s Whisper White cardstock.  The Blendabilities markers are specialty alcohol markers, designed to work with Whisper White and Very Vanilla cardstock. I did try to color on a cardstock from an office supply store, and the results were less than desirable.  You do need an ultra smooth surface to get great coloring effects.

I plan to make more of these cards, because  the red just brightens my day and the bird reminds me of winter in Montana.  See, he’s fluffed out and shivering, poor little fellow.  So, I’m thinking warm and happy thoughts about my friends in Montana, and looking forward to seeing them…in the summer!

Thanks for stopping by and I hope you’ll come back!  To purchase anything Stampin’ Up! you have seen here, go to Stampin’ Bon.


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